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Welp, i've decided i'd start a new blog. This time perhaps writing for myself moreso than others, and maybe that way i'll actually stick to doing this for more than maybe 1 month, though maybe you'll still find some helpful advice here based on what i'm learning There will be 3-4 overall topics that show up mostly on this blog, BWEngine , the C++ game engine i'm working on as a hobby NeuroCore , the C++ Neural network engine i'm working on as a hobby VReeSDK , the C++ VR/networking SDK i'm working on for work anything i develop that surrounds these main topics Obviously the work-related stuff will be much less detailed, to avoid giving away any information i shouldn't. For now, here's a small overview of what's done in the projects so far: BWEngine Controls system Various systems that can be accessed from anywhere, like inputs, event and logging systems Events system   Ability to register/invoke events to ease communication